why you guys hating on lil boosie?

Lil Boosie ain’t died or may be in jail but his music is alive and crunk. This man ain’t Elvis so speak 4 yourselves. This man is bringing the heat and they don’t like it. But I’m with him, since day one. If u listen carefully and stop listening too the beat you’ll see that […]

Lil Boosie – Letter To My Children – OFFICIAL


Webbie Speaks For 1st Time On Lil’ Boosie’s Not Guilty Verdict

After rapper Lil’ Boosie was found Not Guilty for murder (and still in prison), his right hand man Webbie speaks for the first time on what’s next for Boosie. Interview with @DjLadyT Details on Boosie’s case: talkofthetown411.blogspot.com To advertise on this video or for any other serious business inquires, email TOTT411@ymail.com.