Lil Boosie Pens Letter to Fans from Jail

A letter to all my fans,

First, I want to than you all of you for supporting me through these hard time. Last month I was sentence to 8 years with credit for time served so i will have to do [sociallocker] 19 months on that sentence. I go to trial for this murder charge in April so please keep me in your prayers.
To all my fans who write me through J-Pay make sure you put your address so I can respond. Its hard to write every body back but I will try my best to do so. I would also like my all my fans to support Young Jeezy new album TM 103 hes a real nigga with a big heart. I want to thank Plies, Yo Gotti, Marcus Spears, Jout Dallas, Earl Wayne and Jamarcus Russell for keeping it real with me and Pacman also. My daughter Iviona album will be coming soon so be on the lookout for it. Its HOTT!!!

I really appreciate everybody whos supporting and everyone who has sign the petition and brought Boosie Gear. I want all my fans to know that yall are so special to me because without you there would be no me. Congrats to Webbie on his new album Savage Life 3. New Boosie DVD “The Come Up” will be in stores soon. Life Story Book “The Truth” in stores end of 2012. My label, Bad Azz Ent, will be dropping a compilation this year and you already know how we do it. I want to thank GOD for everything and now I know the real from the fake and I can say that not too many are not real.

I also want to send love to the realest woman in the world my MAMA Mrs. Connie whos my best friend, mama, spiritual advisor and #1 Fan.

Boosie Boo [/sociallocker]


  1. Greg says:

    Is this a actual letter from Boosie? I think it is.

  2. Nicole st.julien says:

    I’m your biggest fan :)

  3. Nicole st.julien says:

    Love you boosie . I wish you the best I’ll keep you in my prayers . God bless your mother children :) love Nicole

  4. muscle says:

    freeeeee booosie the streets waiting for you fo show . whineeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. shanell says:

    I really do hope you get out boosie boo.I will be praying for
    You cause you u truly are a real nigga.They slipping on the
    music out here.Yo gotti cm7 went in but we need you
    Out here…Man keep your head…We will be hearing u soon

  6. GreenEyez says:

    I am such a hugh boosie fan but im gonna keep it real. I was just released from TDOC and i still have sometime left on paper… I can feel his PAIN being locked down away from his family. I will forever be a fan,and to ur heart boosie boo,Ima say a prayer everyday…FREE BOOSIE

  7. rico says:

    They rail roaded a nigga cause a nigga young and gettin it in

  8. H-SOLO says:

    I am not a big fan of rap music,however I am a fan of young brothers surviving the odds stacked against them,i was strolling you tube n i ran across lil boosie,and i listenened to some of his music and the young brother really moved me and that’s not easy I am 46 years old,I can feel his pain and emotions it really touched home,the young broyher is really before his time and when he find his true calling,he will influence a lot of people,I WISH YOU THE BEST YOUNG BROTHER-EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS BAD TO YOU IS NOT BAD FOR YOU !!!!!!

  9. tremayne says:

    i just want to say free nigga boosie and what day he get out…..

  10. Trey Wingo says:

    Keep ya head up Boosie! Want u on day streets so we can hear that music.
    **Trey from Bad News, VA

  11. Good news your coming home thank u for represented the south. Tell lol daddy to hold it down.nothing but love out here for the both of yall

  12. Mike says:

    Boosie Im Waiting On Ya..ANd I Want To Collab With U When U Get Out!!

  13. iwanna thank u for not giving up on us boosie im a real niiga nfbsss i got all yo albums posters ndd lyrics before i go to sleep everynight i say please dnt let boosie get hurt in there i heard you’ll be out least to 60 days wish u luck BOOSIE BAD AZZ


  15. Lil LuckyLuck says:

    Real Nigga… I Got Love For You…

  16. Jerome Vaughner says:

    free boosie we miss you

  17. Kevin Armstrong says:

    Innocent ….

  18. Jasmine says:

    WELL well well finally my husband/FAV..rapper BOOSIE is coming home THANK you JESUS FOR MAKING ME AND EVERYBODY WISH COME TRUE….. LOVE MY DARLING MWAH……….(#1FAN)

  19. One Jizz says:

    Ey Boosie real though. & He ain’t lyin aint too many keepin it real fuck it though they gotta live for them, God see everything. But this ya boi One Jizz from lakeland. My circle fuck with that “boosie shit” heavy. Anytime I hear bra name I always let em’ know aint nobody fuckin’ with Hatch. Shout out to everybody in Baton Rouge yall boys do yall thang

  20. One Jizz says:

    I learned this too, “when u keep it real with urself & others God will bless u with lots of wisdom

  21. jennifer says:

    Boosie I listen to ur music all tha time I feel that u one of tha realest artist out there I wish tha best for u and have u in my preys just keep ur head up and even though its hard think for the best and the best will come ur way…
    Free my nigga boosie

  22. tatum says:

    real recognize real period free boosie

  23. Kellay says:

    booooosie badazz <3 love you & everythimg about you the WHOLE TRILL FAM rest in peace lil phat & big head FREE BOOSIE ! fuck the law cause they holding a real nigga down boosie thats my nigga i love him forevvvvvvvva ffuck these new rappers cause these niggas is PUSSY and aint bout what they be talking about . we need badazz ! i LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE YOU boosie my nigga love you my sisters love you and fuck whoever dont love you <3 stright out ##free boosie

  24. derrick says:

    keep yo head head up

  25. Fredrick Amerson Jr says:

    Whats good widd it. i jus wanna take the time out to say that Lil Boosie i look up to dat nigga. when i was going through shit it seemed like his music was the best way to get away from the shit. I pray to god that they let my nigga out so he can get bakk to da music shit. But real tawk doe dey cant hold a real nigga down for long so keep ya head up boosie betta days coming ahead

  26. Anthony says:

    Can’t wait till you get man when u get out nigga don’t go back in that bitch keep thanking god and keep your hand up be strong for your family they need you out or if when u do your thing keep it on the low

  27. man u da realest of all them nigga da ground shall break when they barry u in fuck all the rest them nigga laughing now bt jst wit niggas aint shit but hoes in tricks n u will b forever (2 trill 4 da rest) mite want to use that on yo new album cover

  28. the realst of the trill

  29. LIL boosie my name is shamaris littles I’m 16 years old I just wanna say that you’re a good rapper I like your music and everyone makes mistakes but they should be forgiven for their mistakes and the law is just being tough on you because you we’re famous with lots of money and they didn’t want to see a black man doing good financial wise but they don’t look at all the good you’ve done by giving bikes away for Easter talking to little kids and teenagers encouraging them to be better than you and that they can do anything and be anything they want to be when they grow up LIL boosie I’m asking that you write me or email me or contact me in any way my cell number is (225)323-4543 I live in donaldsonville, Louisiana and I am asking that me and you could spend a day together please if you ever have time or if you can hook me up with a front row concert spot to on of your converts whenever you are released from prison. #Keep your head up God has your back and he will help you through your situation and when you’re going through something it’s only a sign that you’re about to recieve a huge blessing because before things get better they have to get worse that’s God’s way of testing your faith in believing him

  30. chris says:

    whats j-pay cant i send a letter to his government in there?

  31. noel says:

    ya bra your one of the best rapers ever to hit a mic when you get out send me your new cd ( in god we trust )

  32. First foremost I wanna thank you Lil Boosie for being a real azz nigga
    And showing dez niggaz you ain’t folding. ..Man u just don’t know how much I look up to you…got all the boosie shirts…lil boosie you that nigga and ima let you know you still got true fans who fk wit you and always will support you…you will never fade out man dez niggaz out chea ain’t real nomo they music watered down…plz if u can drop a mixtape from prison I promise you got niggaz out hea waiting paitently for yo return…keep ya head up we fks wit u the long way SALUTE- Primetime Paco

    P.S. Bad Azz Vol.3? I’m tryna get on dat bih fwm…TRILL ENT…BAD AZZ ENT LEGGOOOO

  33. Well Boosie hit me up in a letter because i have always been a fan and when you get out if you could come to Pensacola Florida to visit just hit me up and my boy Peppa Boy trill McCoy.

  34. Destiny Welch says:

    i love uu babyydadyyy<3

  35. Destiny Welch says:


  36. Darius says:

    Been praying for u… keep ya head up…. heard yo got like 500 hits ready to drop…. we need them asap cause its a lot of boo boo on the radio and I’m tired of listening to it…. #boosie realest nigga since pac

  37. Ivory Robinson says:

    What up Boosie just want to tell you keep you head up and know that he want put more on you then you can bear and sometimes we have to slow down and regroup so we want fuck up everything that God got in store for us it might don’t look that why now but i rather see you in there and know that you will be coming home to make that music that you make that everybody love then have to listen to your music and cry cause you did make it out there in them street….LOVE YOU LIL BOOSIE
    Your #1 Fan

  38. 601 mill says:

    Just want u to know bossie that god put us in things to let us know who really there an not there because when high on the top everyone love u but when u at your lowest he show who really there because when u down the real people keep put they hands out to help u up an tell u that it will be alright an pray with u an for u an yours just know jacktown love u from the battlefield to the Westside an the north side an one side for sure got love for you for life that west st in Jackson one life one love bossie keep your head up an stay prayed up because im praying for u bossie an your family god bless.

  39. Traci singletary says:

    Im so ready for lil boosie to come home all these rapper aint like lil boosie I just love lil boosie he’s my fav

  40. letonio says:

    Whats up boosie, keep your head up bro because god already work it out for u . I kmow you ready to lay it down so I will be waiting to here my favorite rapper lil bossie real soon. Stay bless and god is still work.

  41. Carla Brown says:

    Lil Boosie I want you to stay strong. My husband and I are big fans of yours. I was very upset to find out that you were going through so much. Our favorite song of yours is “Ducked Off.” You have always been in our prayers and will remain there…even after you hit the streets.

  42. Big Meech says:

    Boosie I reached out to a lot of people to get. Started. The Bang life. Movment the we bang life that gettin money ove bs so if possable u could contact me via e mail

    • Big Meech says:

      Boosie I reached out to a lot of people to get. Started. The Bang life. Movement we bang life that gettin money over bs so if possible u could contact me via e mail
      Living life Bang

  43. SEMAJ says:

    boosie I love your movie ghetto stories & all your albums fuck the sentence you will all ways be free you have created a beautiful family and your mother and you and your children i Encourage you to hang in there keep ya head

  44. tonya says:

    Damn i miss u i cant wait til u touch down to here some good music cause u go hard

  45. tonya says:

    And this shit about ur lyrics u rappin da truth every song thats wat they dont likecause da way i feel da music i hear everybody talkin bout da law this and that they need to go pick up some more artists but wateva da case may be they cant hold u back even after a million years thats wat they cant take da truth just keep ur head up sexy

  46. Ladarrius Williams says:

    I love you my nigga keep ya head high and imma keep praying for you and your family

  47. jahiem comer says:


  48. AshBa3R3Al says:

    Free lil boosie idc what no one says I love Boosie….
    T.H. all day loyalty over every thing str8 up!!!

    • Nigga juat jumped couple months ago n from the streets to the pin niggas f*ckin with u hard my nigga. I only f*ck with real rap I’m still on that magnolia slim I ain’t seen nobody besides u music I vibe wit since slim died…. nigga we love u in jacksonville u already know how duval rockin my nigga keep u head up n stay fuck nigga free the streets yours my nigga we waitin everything else irrelevant niggas wanna hear the truth one my nigga

  49. livewire calcote says:


  50. willow says:

    We prayin my g

  51. Cornelius hayes says:

    Boosie u the best rapper in my eyes n i can’t wait to c u free man life can b so hard but just pray in ask go to wash away all your sins i know you a good person i would love to hear frm you whn u free u can fine me on Facebook Cornelius hayes im n a car on my profile picture keep your head up

  52. Block says:

    free my nigga boosie

  53. Besty Loper says:

    Free boosie #1 fan keep ur head up and keep thez niggaz out ya circle I’m a jacktown girley that can’t wait to meet ya put me in ur memo and cum fuck with urgirl ms.tip smoochies……

  54. lat lee says:

    Every body love boosie…. boy its amazing how much love you got out here…. its gone be tears of joy to see u come home o.g. if this is you and you really gone gt this gt back at me 100… Lat Lee

  55. speedy says:

    waddup boosie, shit just do your time my nigguh, push ups n pull ups, bet you ready for them hoes when you touchdown, the hard part is when you come back home and staying free, don’t lose sight on what you gots to do, none of us like to go back, keep it 100. Speedy

  56. John jr says:

    whats up Boosie this is John jr I am from Richmond Va i pray your mom and family is doing good why you going through this bull shit be for my dad die we hold up the 4s and a picture bruh this shit is killing me man i will kill 100 people or more just to have my dad back i am not a friend or a fan i am your brother thats is have much love i have for your mom and dad because they made you i do not hid shit from God or no one i pray for your family and my family all the time to the day i die its not about the money i am bless if you c this tell ur mom and ur babymothers i say happy mother day love always your brother John A Lambert Jr.

  57. Ricky AKA Big Rick says:

    Wats good my boy i been listen to ur music for a while an everything put we listen it. Mississippi an Tennessee holdin u down words of a real nigga an im still happy

  58. bro my uncle listen to ur myusic he think dat ur the bbest rapper do wat erver u can to get out jail just like every body does kep ur head up fuck scrit squad niggas hating on u when u come ut of jail make a new album just like cheif keef have a good time in jail

  59. i love you boosie i hope you come home very soon cuase we all miss you. you know every day i go to sleep, i dream about me and you, but it will never happen thoe so, but when you come home make sure you hit up dallas tx. first we need a lil boosie action. but i love you and miss you and youre always gone be in my prayers. love you Mr. Hatch



  61. henrymoss says:

    hey lil boosie am all away frm the bahamas an over here everybody an they mama loves yah music your the best an you will ever ever be the best every time i hear your music i learn something new may god be with you an to me the struggle will always be real

  62. Quamara says:

    ; i miss you (: come home soon ….

  63. Junior says:

    I ride for you nigga, i die for you nigga, and if you get caught I do the time for you nigga

  64. thuggafella says:

    Streets miss u these rappers making garbage music streets urs

  65. Pittbull says:

    Free boosie we need u to drop a new mix tape u need take over this game

  66. young boosie says:

    i came in 2day can’t believe she gone go to her house look in her room she gon dis shit is eatin my up i’m back on dat

    free lil boosie

  67. chris30 says:

    Miss u bossie cum home soon!

  68. Tyler Rogers says:

    keep yaa head up boosie, im 16 and raised by my moms, i been a hustlaa since i was 12, these streets aint no joke. im prayinn for you and yo fam. cant wait until you get out! im yo REAL biggest. i bump yo music day in and day out! we outchea prayinn for yaa big dog

  69. shae charna moment says:

    u our a good artist nd make best stuff have heard nd am one of ur biggest fan nd will luv to meet u miss u boosie

  70. Red gurl says:

    Free boosie
    #urbiggestfan #muah

  71. Red gurl says:

    Free the real #freeboosie

  72. hamma says:


  73. AP says:

    Boosie I love ya bro

  74. Lovee says:

    Boosie we loveee you!! I’m a HUGE fan and always wish that I can meet you . #BoosieFan4Lifeee <3 .

  75. Amanda says:

    hey boosie im ya biggist fan you the realist nigga around

  76. Mo Redd says:

    What up youngen, i listen to all yo $hit. Stay cool my nigga, we waitn on u

  77. Areka says:

    U 1 real ass ni33a u got a sing for everything I go thro… I’m yo number 1 fan…… Please stop jockn this man n give da streets what they want FREE BOOSIE BOO!!!!!!!!!

  78. sabrina says:

    Hey boosie this sabrina :) i want u to know im your biggest fan im waiting on you to get out !!! cant wait … ill always be that numba 1 fan ima stay in school and become a lawyer just for u lol i gotchuuuuuuuuuuuuuu we love you boooooooosie boooo !!!!!!!!

  79. Young Jarvis says:

    Boosie come home

  80. Travis says:

    Freeee booooosiesiesiesie

  81. Lee Lee says:

    I’m your biggest fan Boosie!!..I listen to all your music and you keep it real no matter what the struggle is. I just want you to know that I am going to keep you in my prayers. Your music calms me down when I be going through some thangz….just want you to keep your head up and be strong for yourself, your mama, and your children. You one of the realist niggas walking!!!…Can’t wait til you get out and hit the streets again…

  82. firegirl says:


  83. tootie boo says:

    Dear boosie keep your head up you realer then real have faith in God and he will make a way i cant wait for u to get home that will be a day that everyone wont forget see you soon kisskiss love always tootie ps we know who the realest nigga in the game is its not hard to see that

  84. louis ray says:

    Lil boosie what up mane! I can’t wait until your free and we can get some more music. Keep your head up

  85. kenny says:

    damn manu needa hurry up and come back and drop a mixtape with chief keef keep it trill

  86. phatbitch says:

    free boosie!!!!

  87. trinity says:

    you the realist my ni33a

  88. Cam says:

    Can’t wait till your release man. The rap game is wack as hell right now. It needs that real life shit. I hope you come out and lay shit out. Get out soon

  89. nene says:


  90. T-Maine says:

    Real Nigga My Dawg Thats the Truth i feel it bro Keep yo Head up…. Stillstackin Ent Lookout for us i feel yo strugle

  91. T-Maine says:

    Free Boosie Badd Azz

  92. utrsavage says:

    free badazz… boosie speak dat truth mayne..

  93. Dee92999 says:

    Free boosie from Texarkana!!!

  94. fella jones says:

    Free my mutha fuckkan nigga trill ent baby boosie boo u kumin hme brah I feel it I pray for u n mines u knw keep ur head up my dude forreal I mean half of ur music I kan relate to $hit am a real nigga but hold n n tha road big brah

  95. Mario Noel says:

    Keep yo head up…I’m holding u down all the way from utica Mississippi ..#freeBoosie

  96. HEAD says:

    U real im praying for u and your family homie

  97. cweezy says:

    FREE LIL BOOSIE!!!!!!!!

  98. eastside breeze says:

    Say homie h- solo said some real shhhh. Jus cause its smethn bad dat happened to a real nigga dnt make it bad for u. Stay tru my nigga stay focused and always prayed up. God got ur back brah and cant nobody fuck wit.

  99. KENGVILLE334 says:

    Boosie boo boi keep ya head up……..God gotcha…….been a fan for many years
    Gone continue to do so……..perfection,perfection………bama
    gone hold u down

  100. Robriana says:

    free the realist nigga alive !!! the streets is waitin fa u boosie boo <3

  101. Keep your head up only real niggas do real thangs

  102. Esha says:

    I Miss You Boosie I love your work !!!!!

  103. ms.browneyes says:

    We miss you lil boosie………FREE LIL BOOSIE….COME HOME

  104. mirah shaevon says:

    hey BOOSIE I just came through to show some love and I noticed it seems like ppl forgettin its 2013 and I’m still missing your music its like my medicine ! I been supporting you since I was a youngin and I still do faithfully hard times good times all dat I support you I bump you, you will always be my favorite rapper !! BOOSIE COME HOME AND ONCE U TOUCHDOWN I KNOW U GONE CAUSE HELL !!!!! Keep ya head up keep having them conversations with the Lord he hear ya ! GOD BLESS U YA CREW AND HA FAM !!!

  105. Mike Will says:

    Lil Boosie Boo and 2pac really changed my life,
    making me the realistic dude on da game. i’m really missing you bro bro…

    I remember you told me to keep it STEEL n REAL


  106. JMac says:

    Boosie you got love all the way to Idaho my dood. For real I played D1 ball out here and we always bang your ish! Keep it up!

  107. jp says:

    People these days just talk,but boosie will show ur ass the opposite

  108. cherrelle Jones says:

    Boosie I’m really your biggest fan….can’t wait till u get out…da streets missn u.

  109. Asili says:

    I love you Boosie. lil Snupe and Wanye do put your name in their song”free ma nigga Boosie”that’s were I got to know you and from then,and a fan to see Boosie frreeeeeeeee for ever.

  110. SLUG says:

    Yo Boosie
    Just know that the Streets Got You , they got ur back ! Music
    aint the Same ! With out Boosie Man! Make it Out and Get
    Back on The Mic Son!

  111. Joe Sib says:

    Screamin FREE BOOSIE all the way from the 251 West Mobile, AL til you come home, bruh.

  112. NATE says:

    im ready for you to come home and drop your music and take over da game …….SHREVEPORT Ready for lil boosie to hit kokos

  113. devin says:

    we need boosie back on the streets free lil boosie

  114. Man lil boosie I love you bro no homo shit I just wanna see you in person so I can get yo autograph on one of yo CDs you made that I got

  115. free my dog boosie

  116. You a big inspiration on me your music is everything your swagger goes hard! You stay fresh the most realist im a trur fan I got all yr songs on my phone my,favorite is set it off.. I would appreciate if you wrote me back.. Free boosie

  117. season byrd says:

    Free boosie…. with God all is well…. You will soon see freedom again amen….. LOVE YOU DADDY

  118. benwoodlief says:

    free my man boy boosie

  119. anticasto dewayne says:

    free# ma real livn legend boosie

  120. dicKson young boosie boo says:

    I got your back,, you are my role model I have always looked up to you,, lil boosie boo you wll be released soon love you to the must

  121. danielholden says:

    love you boosie do good so you can get out to see your childern

  122. valentine says:

    they need hurry and free you booosie i know u gon show all these h8ters sumn wen u out

  123. brittani jones says:

    Happy birthday big dawg ill be glad when u touchdown we miss u out here

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